Friday, February 21, 2014

You'd see crabs, morays, sea fans, lobsters, boats, birds and all things related to the ocean, and the tropicals just beyond!
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This Mermaid loves MermaidenClayArt's necklaces!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Greatest Great Blue Heron


I started this platter a millineum ago. It was built up from a slab of speckled brown clay.  The Great Blue Heron was hand made and built up on the platter separately.  I used every blue glaze we had in our pottery glaze library, from floating blue, asheville eve and castille blue.  Then I waited and waited and waited and waited to have it high fired.  The large kiln at the studio broke down, and it would not fit in the smaller kilns.  Finally, the kiln is now working.  But I think I like this piece more than any I have made, mostly because I had to wait and wait and wait and wait!


Garden and Yoga Pendants

 This was a fun project.  I purchased several flower stamps then rolled out some porcelain clay and stamped away.  I then used a cookie cutter to make them round.  I used several different glazes.

 I think they look pretty nice, but a little too tedious for me.  I am not the best jewelry maker....
 How about those muslin bags with my pottery stamp on it?


Snake in the Bird of Paradise

 This planter was an experiment in building technique.  Built from a slab of speckled brown clay, and adorned with a bird of paradise leaf.
 Did you notice the slithering snake around the rim?  I know, tricky, huh?

 I kinda like the way it came out, I'm going to plant something in it and put it in my kitchen window!

Florida Cracker at the Dock

I made this platter for my husband Gary.  He wanted a platter that could hold a row of Ritz crackers, therefore I named it my Florida Cracker.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to Basics

 This platter is built from a slab, using a decorative roller to imprint a design.

 This second piece is also slab built, but the design on top was layered on using clay slip. Both are made from a speckled brown clay body, using a floating blue glaze.


 Again, these basic plates were built from slab, with recycled clay.
 I utilized one of my fellow potter's original stamps, and my MermaidenClayArt stamp to adorn them with decoration.  I love how rustic they turned out!
 And they look just like my fellow potter Vicki's plates!

 Bottom's up!

This is a very basic technique, the coil pot.  This little bowl was built with hand-rolled coils and then scored and slipped working up from the bottom.  This was made from recycled clay.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

 Maine Lobsta Boat hand built by the Mermaid
 Maine Lobsta Boat hand built by Jen Buck

This is a serious project that Jen Buck and I had been talking about for quite a long while.  Finally, during one of our Saturday studios, we collaborated on these two boats.  We could not be happier about the outcome.  These were slab built from a speckled brown clay body.  After bisque firing, we used underglazes to give them the rustic look, and then poured on a clear overglaze. They were then high fired.  Notice that the top is removable so that you can store Maine lobster dip in there, and then fill the deck with your favorite dipping cracker.  Also note, the lobster trap were made separately by hand.  Love them.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Caribbean Sea Platter.  Hand built slab of red rock clay body, ocean blue high fire glaze.  I have always loved the map platters, and this one looks fabulous with our new glaze.

The "Serendipity" was a project grounded in getting back into pottery after a couple month hiatus.  This vessel was built as the ultimate chip and "dip" bowl, using old techniques, and renewed glazes (a lighter waterfall brown, and my fave, asheville eve).